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There are times in life when greatness inspires action, creating an idea that can change the world for the better. in conjunction with Moonlight Press offers the pairing of immortal racing luminaries Secretariat and Barbaro in a fine art print entitled "Memories of Greatness." Created to assist the efforts for finding a cure for laminitis, "Memories of Greatness" is a wonderful way to support the battle against the equine hoof disease that claimed the lives of Secretariat, Barbaro, and countless other less well known but no less loved horses. The limited edition print set was produced from the original portraits painted by artist Jaime Corum, a wonderful talent and rising star in equine art, with a portion of the proceeds earmarked for the Laminitis Fund at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's New Bolton Center.

This initiative represented the opportunity for these legendary horse's innovative owners - Meadow Stable's Penny Chenery and Lael Stable's Roy and Gretchen Jackson - to join forces to give back to the industry that provided their greatest racing achievements. Their leading role in this capacity will help serve notice and inspire others to support laminitis research and specifically help the horses who give their hearts, and sometimes their lives, in pursuit of athletic perfection.

The print set pays tribute to Secretariat and Barbaro in a poignant combination of shadow and light. Each of these equine heroes who caught the imagination of fans generations apart is portrayed with all the strength and nobility they embodied both on and off the track. On the left is the burnished chestnut Secretariat, the immortal 1973 Triple Crown Champion, whose record-breaking performances set the standard for racing excellence. On the right is the mahogany bay Barbaro, the 2006 undefeated Kentucky Derby winner who captured the hearts of a legion of fans who recognized and admired his speed, courage, and enduring grace.

The limited edition print set portrays both horses separately, along with the artistic marks representing the colors of the silks they carried. Limited to a total of 500 sets, hand-numbered and signed by the artist and the respective owners of the horses (Penny Chenery and Roy & Gretchen Jackson), with the special option of additional signatures by jockeys Ron Turcotte and Edgar Prado as well. Each print measures 16" x 24" in this fine art set.

This is a limited opportunity for racing fans and those that loved these two great champions to honor them while continuing the battle against laminitis.


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