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1973 Original Preakness Stakes Winning $10 Ticket

Original Secretariat memorabilia continues to be among the most sought-after items in the sports collector's world, and we are proud to present a very limited quantity of original and rare 1973 Preakness Stakes pari-mutuel $10 denomination winning tickets. The source of the cashed winning tickets is a story unto themselves as they originate from the original private collection of "Mr. Preakness" himself - Chick Lang, the visionary general manager of Pimilco who served the racetrack for over 27 years until his retirement in 1987. Lang, upon witnessing the greatness of Secretariat first-hand in the memorable race had the foresight to save a small group of winning tickets for posterity.

On that historic Preakness day of 1973, the pay-off value for each winning ticket was minimal, but times have certainly changed. With the rarity of these highly sought-after collectibles, their value continues to dramatically climb with prices for individual tickets reaching as much as $1500 ea. While mint condition tickets have now become almost impossible to find, this collection of cashed, yet still incredibly scarce tickets offers an affordable alternative for the discriminating Secretariat memorabilia enthusiast.

Each original blue vintage $10 winning ticket displays the date (May 19, 1973), race (8th), and program entry number (3) for Secretariat. Tickets are in excellent condition save for the small customary torn corner reflecting their status as "cashed" by the teller. In addition to their official designation as an authentic Secretariat Archive artifact, each ticket is offered with the exclusive option of being hand-signed by Secretariat's Hall of Fame jockey, Ron Turcotte at no extra charge.

A wonderful collectible paying tribute to Secretariat in the midst of his Triple Crown quest and ensuing path to greatness. This is a very limited offer available on a first-come basis only.



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