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Secretariat Winter Snow Photos

No holiday season is complete without a limited edition Secretariat Winter Snow Photo from the Tony Leonard collection. These breathtaking vibrant color images feature Secretariat as a stallion galloping thorough the snow in his spacious paddock at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky.

Amidst the backdrop of a pale blue sky and snowy terrain, the photos dramatically capture Secretariat's vivid chestnut coloring and copper hues that account for his familiar nickname of "Big Red." His regal presence and muscular physique replete with wind-swept mane and billowing tail is reminiscent of the strength and athletic grace he exhibited on the track.

The photos entitled "Winter Red" and the newly released "Snow King" are produced in three easy-to frame sizes and limited to a total edition of 350 pieces.

Please contact for inquiries regarding snow photos signed by jockey Ron Turcotte.

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Penny Chenery Signed Secretariat Snow PhotosA very special opportunity for this holiday season. We are now offering an extremely small quantity of our Secretariat Winter Snow Photos hand-signed by his recently deceased luminary owner Penny Chenery. There are only a total of six each of these autographed images now available for purchase from our archived inventory.

Items with Ms. Chenery's increasingly coveted signature are highly collectible, and we are offering these exceptional images for a limited time only through the holidays. Measuring 8" x 10" in archival matting and accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. Available for immediate delivery.



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